About us

RM Trust counts on professionals graduated as Foreign Traders and Law School with more than 18 years of experience. Our company is focused in providing to their clients the best of each dealing which it acts in.

Enable negotiations from diversified origins is one of the differentials of RM Trust, by this manner the clients may have a wider range of opportunities and consequently the best results.

Our company is situated in one of the more important cities of the state, Itajaí - Santa Catarina, a port city with a great importance in the field of importation/exportation enabling RM Trust to be active in the whole country from the south to the north of Brazil.


To perform services of intermediation in international business with excellence, providing that the negotiations may occur as fast as possible and that they can be the most advantageous it’s possible for all parts involved.


To be reference in services of international negotiation


Considering that the reliability is one of the most important human characteristics, RM Trust is based on the ethics, transparency, professionalism and commitment, thereby building trust relationships based on correct attitudes.